Ugaste Favors Transparency, Fairness for House Rules

GENEVA — The House Rules were adopted last week in one of the first legislative actions of the House of Representatives in the 101st General Assembly.  The Rules, HR59, were proposed by the House Democrats and will govern the chambers’ proceedings for the next two years.  

State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) did not support the Democrats’ Rules, but rather favored a more transparent process that would support bipartisan solutions to the State’s biggest challenges.

“I stood beside my colleagues to support our proposed changes to the Rules, changes that would bring more transparency to the lawmaking process, and would allow good pieces of legislation to be heard,” said Ugaste.  “Unfortunately, the Speaker is retaining total control over the legislative process. This one sided process is inherently unfair, and it’s disappointing to start a new term on this note. With the critical problems facing our State, we need a better process in place to allow for necessary changes to be made to overcome them.  I am hopeful that moving forward, there can be higher standards for the lawmaking process.”

Representative Ugaste will return to Springfield for session tomorrow in the House of Representatives.