More Taxing, More Borrowing, More Spending Ahead for Illinois in 2019 Budget

SPRINGFIELD—Governor JB Pritzker addressed the Illinois General Assembly today, outlining his budget plan for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  

State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) responded to the Governor’s Budget Address with the following statement:

“With Illinois’ history of budgeting, I am especially wary of the Governor’s plan that he delivered today.  It seems to be more of the same- increasing taxes, borrowing and kicking the can down the road that has already gotten our state into its fiscal mess.  To right our finances, and adequately recover from the $3.2 billion budget deficit and $15 million in unpaid bills, we need real reforms.  I didn’t hear anything today that addresses property tax relief, or provides a realistic path to funding our pension systems.

“Getting Illinois back on track is not an easy feat, but not making these difficult decisions will only push our problems on those generations to come.  I am not here to contribute to our state’s problems, but rather want to be part of the solution that will build the foundations for a better future for all Illinoisans.  I hope that as we continue through legislative session in Springfield, my concerns and those of my colleagues can be addressed through bipartisan dialogue.”

Representative Ugaste will return to legislative session tomorrow in the Illinois House where lawmakers will work toward the 2020 Fiscal Year budget.