Ugaste Responds to House Vote on Gun Control

SPRINGFIELD—Today the House of Representatives heavily debated legislation impacting gun owners. The bill, Senate Bill 1966, changes the FOID Card Act to raise FOID Card fees, limit licenses to 5 years instead of 10, and mandate fingerprinting for FOID and Concealed Carry Licenses.

State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) released the following statement in response to today’s vote:

“I am a strong supporter of our Second Amendment and because of that, I have multiple concerns with the overarching nature of this legislation.  I believe it goes too far in its attempt to restrict law abiding citizens of their right to own a firearm.  This bill will have the wrong impact on those who already follow our thorough gun laws, and that is simply unfair. While I stand with many of my colleagues united in the goal of improving public safety, and preventing the tragedies like what happened earlier this year in Aurora, this bill isn’t the right path forward to preventing that type of gun violence affecting our communities.  Let’s find a better way.”