Ugaste Gives Statement on Report of Disturbing Misconduct

GENEVA—WBEZ released an article on a former Springfield lobbyist and close friend of Michael Madigan referring to the use of ghost workers and a rape cover-up.

In light of the recent revelations, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) released the following statement: 

“This article is disturbing on many levels and certainly contains the most disturbing revelations about misconduct tied to the highest levels of Illinois government to date.  The reference to a rape occurring in Champaign, its cover up, and its use for political capital is truly despicable.  Unfortunately, this action is just the latest news from the slew of investigations we have seen over the last year.  This is just the latest revelation in a culture has occurred under the leadership of the Speaker and it must end.  It is time for a new leader in the House of Representatives.

This horrifying report needs to be investigated at all levels.  I am asking not only that the feds continue their investigation into matters in Springfield, but I am calling on the states attorney in Champaign County and the Illinois Attorney General to begin investigating these matters immediately.”