Ugaste Renews Call for Madigan to Resign

GENEVA—With the continuing federal corruption investigation into Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) is renewing his call for the Speaker to resign. Today, Ugaste signed onto House Resolution 885 to renew those calls:

“It has become abundantly clear that Speaker Madigan is the focus of an ongoing federal investigation, and yet he still maintains his leadership role.  Today I am renewing my call for him to resign.  I have joined my colleagues in signing onto a House Resolution to call for a vote on Speaker for the Illinois House of Representatives. 

This federal investigation is a disgrace to our chamber and the people of Illinois.  If we are going to be able to move forward, it needs to be through new leadership and stronger ethics laws.  The Governor has publicly stated his support for ethics reform, yet he has not used his authority to call for special session to accomplish this. He needs to back up his word and call for special session on ethics reform.”

Rep Ugaste is a co-sponsor on House Resolution 885, which was filed today in the House of Representatives.  The Resolution states that, “members of the House of Representatives have no confidence that Michael J. Madigan can continue in his role as Speaker and hereby remove him from that position.” The status of the resolution is here: