Ugaste: Our government officials need to stop appeasing illegal behavior

GENEVA – State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) issued the following statement calling for an end to the appeasement illegal behavior and coddling of those who break the law:  

“Citizens elected to public office take an oath to uphold the laws of their city, county, state and country, but these days few elected Democrats in Illinois seem to take this solemn promise very seriously.

“Our government officials need to stop appeasing illegal behavior and coddling lawbreakers by putting an immediate halt to illegal acts both big and small, as well as acting ethically themselves.  That means arresting all who break the law and jail time if needed.

“Governor Pritzker says lawbreakers need to be prosecuted, but has referred to some who have committed crimes as ‘peaceful protesters’.  Such language only emboldens those who would break the law.  Furthermore, the Governor needs to quit ignoring his duty to call up the National Guard when the situation gets out of control.  The people of the Chicago metropolitan area are concerned for their safety.  Neither of these need ever occur.  The police in Chicago are weary, tired and demoralized.  They need the support of all of our leaders.  The people of Illinois should feel safe in their homes, on their streets and in their businesses. 

“Kim Foxx is not fulfilling the prosecutorial role she was elected to serve and is now more of a social worker.  Foxx’s job is to protect all of our families by prosecuting those who endanger our lives, our families, our livelihoods and the general public order, which allows us to function as a society.  Instead, she sympathizes with protesters and ignores her duty in violation of her oath of office. 

“Sadly, another Democrat elected official has been charged.  Senator Terry Link faces Federal charges for tax evasion.  Senator Link resigned his position on the Ethics Commission yesterday, but this is not enough.  Senator Link needs to resign from office immediately.  The people of Illinois want and deserve to be able to trust in their elected officials.  Too many elected officials have been charged and arrested.  We must start restoring that trust immediately.  It is clear from the activities of yesterday that the Senator no longer meets that criteria.

“There is an opportunity this fall for the people of Illinois to stand up for themselves.  They need to quit electing the same cabal into power and thinking they will change the status quo.  They need to send a message to all of the appeasers and coddlers by turning Foxx out of office in favor of someone who will enforce the law.  Maybe then the others will get the message that they work for 12,000,000 Illinois residents who follow the law and not the few thousand who refuse to do so.”