Ugaste Endorses Decision to Request a House Investigation into Speaker’s Activities

State Representative Dan Ugaste supports fellow Republican House members filing a request to form a Special Investigating Committee to look into recent corruption allegations against House Speaker Mike Madigan. A petition forming the committee filed Wednesday coincides with information in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement reached by the United States Attorney’s Office.

“Illinoisans’ confidence in their state government has been shattered,” said Rep. Ugaste (R-Geneva). “There have been statements made to federal law enforcement from various individuals who admitted to seeking and receiving special legislative consideration and other favors from Speaker Madigan. The Illinois House of Representatives cannot continue to function under a continuous cloud of corruption. If there is merit to these allegations, actions must be taken to restore the people’s faith in their government.”

The Special Investigating Committee consists of six members, three Republicans and three Democrats. If the committee finds the alleged charges against the Speaker are true, the matter would move on to the Select Committee on Discipline to determine what, if any, discipline is warranted. It would take 71 votes to reprimand or censure Speaker Madigan, and 79 votes to expel Speaker Madigan from the House of Representatives.

Rep Ugaste is also co-sponsoring House Resolution 885 which states that, “members of the House of Representatives have no confidence that Michael J. Madigan can continue in his role as Speaker and hereby remove him from that position.”

“When the latest allegations were announced I hoped Speaker Madigan would do the right thing for the state of Illinois and step down as Speaker. He refused. So we must proceed with other options for restoring the public’s trust in their elected officials through new leadership, and strengthened ethics laws,” Rep. Ugaste said.