Rep. Ugaste Provides Update on Needed Business & Litigation Reforms in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD – As chair of the House Reigniting Illinois’ Strong Economy (RISE) working group, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) provided an update on reforms for business and litigation in the state of Illinois. The working group has been working to improve Illinois’ business climate in order to take advantage of the State’s other strengths to bring job creators and opportunities home.

“House Republicans are introducing reasonable reforms to help make Illinois a pro-growth state where businesses and families can grow,” said Rep. Ugaste. “The legislation our group introduced will help lower taxes, decrease regulation, control litigation, and assure reliable and affordable energy. There is more to be done, and we need to move these bills out of the Rules Committee so we can bring commonsense reforms to help job creators and workers call Illinois their home.”

The RISE working group has proposed legislation to bring growth and hope for a brighter future in Illinois. The legislation covers tax reduction, business reforms, responsible energy policy, and litigation reforms. This includes Rep. Ugaste’s two comprehensive workers compensation bills, as well as two other business reform bills to help attract new investment in Illinois. Additionally, the working group has proposed three bills offering litigation reforms, four bills to reduce taxes and two bills addressing energy.

In addition to leading the RISE working group, Rep. Ugaste serves as the House Republican Spokesperson for the Labor & Commerce and Judiciary – Civil committees. He has led the RISE working group since February.