Ugaste Derides Unnecessary Spending in a Partisan Budget

SPRINGFIELD – In response to the state budget passed by the Illinois House of Representatives for Fiscal Year 2024 in the early hours of Saturday morning, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) released the following statement:

“If we would enact pro-growth legislation and adopt pro-growth policies, more job creators would be drawn to locate here, bringing economic development, better career opportunities for hardworking Illinoisans and additional revenue for the State. However, we did none of that this Session.  Instead, we doubled down on policies that will keep businesses from locating here and may drive others away.  As a result, there is spending in the FY24 budget which should go to other important needs in our State or be returned to our residents in the form of a tax cut or rebate, as so many other states have done recently, but will not. Furthermore, we are still using revenue we should give to our local governments to pay our bills.”