Rep. Ugaste Joins House Colleagues in Introducing Opportunity Caucus to Change Course in Illinois: “Let’s Create a Cycle of Opportunity”

CHICAGO – On Tuesday, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) joined House Republican colleagues to discuss the negative effects of poor public policy handed down by Democrat leaders and focus on new opportunities to change course in Illinois. He joined State Representatives Jennifer Sanalitro (R-Bloomingdale), Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills), and Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford) to invite colleagues to join the Opportunity Caucus and consider their proposed ideas on economic, education, tax, and crime reforms.

“The preamble of the Illinois Constitution says the People of the State of Illinois endeavor to ‘provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual,’ yet for nearly 24 years, Democrat policies have failed miserably in providing that opportunity for Illinoisans,” said Rep. Ugaste. “With veto session on the horizon, we urge Democrats to consider our ideas, especially ones from our House Reigniting Illinois’ Strong Economy, Truth in Public Safety, and Literacy Improves Future Endeavors working groups to utilize Illinois’ strengths and create a cycle of opportunity that lasts generations.”

Rep. Ugaste referenced a 2023 WalletHub study ranking state economies with the most racial equality, where Illinois was ranked 50th in the nation. He urged Democrat colleagues to consider Republican legislation that has been introduced in the House but has not been moved out of the Rules Committee or subcommittees. This legislation includes workers compensation bills, public safety bills, and permanently installing the Invest in Kids tax credit. The Opportunity Caucus will follow this press conference with a series of op-eds detailing solutions for these important issues in Illinois.

Rep. Ugaste is the Republican spokesperson for the House Judiciary – Civil, Labor & Commerce, and Financial Institutions Committees. He also leads the House Republican Reigniting Illinois’ Strong Economy working group and is a member of the Truth in Public Safety (TIPS) working group.