Rep. Ugaste Outlines Goals of New Opportunity Caucus

ST. CHARLES – On Thursday, State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) outlined the goals of the new Opportunity Caucus. He announced the creation of the Opportunity Caucus in a Tuesday press conference to provide real tax relief, support law enforcement, and make the Invest in Kids Act permanent in Illinois.

“The Opportunity Caucus is a group of lawmakers coming together to deliver changes in our state that open doors for Illinoisans,” said Rep. Ugaste. “Our goals are to implement real tax reform that provides relief for Illinoisans, recruit and retain the best and brightest for our law enforcement, and permanently install the Invest in Kids Act. I invite members of the General Assembly to join us to help achieve these goals, bringing ideas from a diverse array of viewpoints to deliver needed opportunity for our constituents.”

The Opportunity Caucus was announced on Tuesday by Rep. Ugaste. It was created to address the negative effects of poor public policy by introducing substantive reforms for tax relief, improving public safety, and education to create more opportunity for Illinoisans to succeed and live happy, fulfilling lives.

Rep. Ugaste is also a member of the House Truth in Public Safety working group and the chair of the Reigniting Illinois’ Strong Economy working group. He has introduced legislation to provide tax relief, a number of bills related to improving public safety, and House Resolution 412 to call for a yes or no vote on permanently installing the Invest in Kids Act.