Rep. Ugaste: State Must Act in Providing More Funding for School Districts

Springfield, IL – At last week’s State of the State and Budget Address in Springfield, Governor Pritzker outlined his plan to fund K-12 Education for FY 2025. Despite the recommendation to invest an additional $350 million into K-12 Evidence-Based Funding, the Governor’s plan leaves many claiming more needs to be done by the State to properly fund schools in Illinois, as referenced in an Op-Ed in today’s Chicago Tribune. Op-ed: Pritzker’s plan isn’t enough to close education funding gap (

The Tribune Op-Ed cites a New Jersey-based non-profit that ranks Illinois 44th out of 50 states for equitable school funding. Districts that receive the most under the Evidence-Based Funding model need the State to start meeting its obligations under the Illinois Constitution.

Rep. Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) and fellow Rep. Tim Ozinga (R-Mokena) recently held a press conference to explain a plan that would increase the amount of money the State spends each year on education while requiring property tax relief to residents and businesses across the entire state. House Bill 4866, being advanced by Reps. Ugaste and Ozinga, would create the Education Property Tax Relief Fund as a special fund in the state treasury for the purpose of the State paying more for education. The plan would tie pension costs and property tax relief into a certain percentage of each year’s state budget. Once fully implemented, some school districts with the greatest need could see a 50 percent reduction in their property tax levy.

“The State must act on providing more funding for school districts in Illinois,” Rep. Ugaste stated. “Our plan provides for the State to pay more for education, property tax relief for all, and greater opportunity for growth, especially where it is needed most.”