Rep. Ugaste: Democrats’ Last Minute Election Bill Full of Games and No Transparency

Springfield, IL – State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) issued the following statement in response to House Democrats filing last-minute amendments to Senate Bill 2412 yesterday and later approving them. The bill creates major changes for candidates running for legislative office while adding three non-binding referendums to the November 2024 ballot.

“The lack of transparency involved with this legislation is absolutely shameful. The immediate effective date changes the rules of the election process in the middle of an election cycle, with House Democrats unethically changing election laws to benefit their own self-interests. The three non-binding referendum questions are nothing but political gamesmanship, potentially blocking citizen initiatives. If Democrats want to provide property tax relief, how about passing legislation Republicans have proposed, like my House Bill 4866, that would do just that? We have to and we must do better for our citizens.”

Rep. Dan Ugaste proudly serves Illinois House District 65. For more information, contact Rep. Ugaste’s office at 630-797-5530 or visit his website at