Chaos Ensues as Democrats Pass Questionable Tax Increases

Springfield, IL – Early in the morning on Wednesday May 29, the Democrats did what they do best, passing nearly a billion dollars in tax increases on Illinois citizens while most people were sleeping. In what can only be described as a chaotic scene, an unwelcome and questionably legal tax increase was passed by the minimum number of votes.

“After I initiated a verification of the vote on the House floor, it took the House Democrats three votes to pass these enormous tax increases on votes that at the very least stretched their own rules to their limits,” Rep. Ugaste stated. “By proceeding in this manner, it is clear the Democrat supermajority showed their lack of concern for the future of the state of Illinois and its people, as well as ignoring the Democratic process.”

Rep. Dan Ugaste proudly serves Illinois House District 65. For more information, contact Rep. Ugaste’s office at 630-797-5530 or visit his website at