Saturday, July 13, 2024
AT&T Data Breach

The data of nearly all customers of the telecommunications giant AT&T was downloaded to a third-party platform in a 2022 security breach, the company said Friday. Data of nearly all…

Saturday, July 13, 2024
Cycle Across Illinois

Cycle Across Across Illinois riders started in Edwardsville Thursday and will make their way through the state this weekend. Wishing all the riders a safe trip as they honor our…

Thursday, July 11, 2024
Drug Drop Off, I-PASS Events a Big Success

Thank you to everyone who participated in and staffed our Prescription Drug Drop Off event in Elburn and our I-PASS event in St. Charles yesterday! We had a great turnout…

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
High Taxes Continue Driving Illinois Residents Away

Decades of poor public policy by Democrats in the General Assembly has put our state in an untenable position. Illinois’ high taxes drive residents away, diminishing our tax base and…

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Reminder: Join Rep. Ugaste for Events in Elburn and St. Charles Tomorrow

Join State Representatives Dan Ugaste and Jeff Keicher as they are teaming up with the Elburn Police Department for a Prescription Drug Drop Off Event Wednesday, July 10, from 9-11…

Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Rep. Ugaste, Sen. DeWitte Partner with IL Tollway to Help Motorists Switch Over to New Sticker System

In an effort to help motorists update their IPASS technology to the new stickers that are replacing plastic transponders, State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles) and State Representative Dan Ugaste…

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Rep. Ugaste: SB 1400 Could Lead to State Control of School Discipline Issues

A bill that passed the General Assembly in May, Senate Bill 1400, calls for the Illinois State Board of Education to provide guidance to local school districts on student disciplinary…

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Reps. Ugaste, Keicher Host Prescription Drug Drop Off in Elburn

State Representatives Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) and Jeff Keicher (R-Sycamore) are teaming up with the Elburn Police Department for a Prescription Drug Drop Off Event Wednesday, July 10, from 9-11 a.m….

Monday, July 1, 2024
Rep. Ugaste: HB 2161 Could Open Up Employers to Frivolous Lawsuits

Legislation passed by the General Assembly in May and currently awaiting the Governor’s signature could open up employers to frivolous lawsuits. House Bill 2161 prevents discrimination by an employer based…

Saturday, June 29, 2024
Reps. Ugaste, McCombie, and Hammond Tour Viper Mine

Earlier this week, Leader McCombie, Leader Hammond and I visited the Viper mine in Elkhart. We were able to go 300 feet underground and traveled five miles to where the…